About Writer/Director Kevin Baggott

Kevin Baggott attended The City College of New York. He received a BA in cinema studies. His thesis film,  ‘The Green Green Fields of Coney Island’ (50 minute, 16mm film) won first prize at The Picker Film Institute. 

After college, Kevin continued studying directing and acting at HB Studios for over a decade with Uta Hagen and Salem Ludwig.  He has written twelve feature scripts and four full length plays to date. His short stories have appeared in several small press magazines. 

His films have been critically acclaimed and award winners on the festival circuit. 

Some praises for Kevin’s work

"Kevin Baggott's 'Flora's Garment Bursting Into Bloom', augurs the emergence of a strikingly original talent."  

Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"A tremendous raw poetic power!"

Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

" A grand and sprawling work. Original and captivating. Baggott takes his subjects to the limits of realism, and when he can't go any further, slips quietly into myth. He's in the best of both traditions and under his feet the road doesn't look so well traveled.

David Edelstein, The Village Voice

"There are plenty of highlights at this years, 'The New Festival' but our festival pick is: 'Flora's Garment Bursting Into Bloom.' Trust us, there's nothing else like it!"

New York Magazine

"Tender and tragic with performances of raw naturalism."


"Alternately hilarious, touching and haunting, the movie is shadowed by a sense of increasing uneasiness that gives it a compelling, can't-stop-watching tension."

Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune

"An extremely courageous and unpredictable film." 

Jerry Schatzberg